The soldier that brought the keys to the war

Roger Bjoroy-Karlsen is Norwegian and born in 1962. He has been a professional officer and soldier for 36 years, of which 5 years were deployed to war and conflict zones in Lebanon, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Iraq and Afghanistan. He became disabled in 2019 due to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) following these stays.

Roger has always worked on his inner life by making music since he was young and, alongside a military profession, has held concerts, as well as released the album “Yonder – Distant But Within Sight” (2008) under the name Roger Helmers, which is about being a soldier and later a war veteran, and his surroundings. He is known for bringing the keys to the war, and some of his music is made in bomb shelters or on a chaplain’s church organ.

He plays and programs keyboards/ synthesizers and sings.

Roger moved full-time with his spouse Angela to Roatan in 2020 and today works with music as well as writing articles and a blog alongside making music as therapy for PTSD. He will have several concerts on Roatan in 2022 and at least 2023, with his own material. So if you want to join us on a journey through war, conflict, love, and crisis, then you are most welcome!

His music is on Soundcloud

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