“Old blood and guts” were a typical soldier that once would “break glass in case of war”. He loved wars.  He pushed his soldiers to the utter limits and they loved him for it. 

With his 3rd Army, he rescues the 101st Airborne Division in and around Bastogne in 1945. He was feared and respected by the German soldiers. He was the most audacious general in World War II, expecting sometimes way too much of his soldiers, and got on one occasion. punished for it. But he won battles and really played an important part in the allies’ way to the final victory in WWII.

He made a lot of enemies on several levels, especially when he suggested that he should keep on and take the Russians after beating Nazi Germany. His supreme commander, General Eisenhower tried to tame him.

George S died in a traffic accident when he still was in Germany, just after the allied victory. Or was it an accident? 

Let Billy O’Reilly and Martin Dugard takes you on a journey in their book, were they try to figure out what happened to him after they tell you his extraordinary history. It’s a great book, well written, and understandable for any audience!

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