Roatan – et kulturelt mangfold

Av Roger Bjorøy-Karlsen English Den har vært på forskjellige hender mellom tidene og har båret navn som Rattan, Ruatan eller dagens navn, Roatan. Den har vært bebodd av urfolk, pirater, afrikanske slaver, britiske og spanske erobrere. Og nå en salig blanding av folkeferd. Bli med en tur på den tropiske lavasteinen vest i Karibien, som… Read More Roatan – et kulturelt mangfold

Roatan – a cultural diversity

The island has been in different hands throughout history and has borne names such as Rattan, Ruatan, or today’s name, Roatan. It has been inhabited by indigenous peoples, pirates, African slaves, as well as British and Spanish conquerors. Join us for a trip on the tropical lava rock in the west of the Caribbean, which from a human perspective is on the border of the third world, with everything from abject poverty to tremendous wealth.… Read More Roatan – a cultural diversity

A proper exit

By Roger Bjoroy-KarlsenEdited by: Lauran Timlin På norsk “Operation Proper Exit” gives American veterans an opportunity to return to the place where they were injured in Afghanistan. The fact that the soldiers are given the opportunity to go back soon after they were forced to leave is critical. The recognition by their fellow soldiers is… Read More A proper exit